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Towson University

TU is Maryland’s fastest-growing university for a reason.

We create extraordinary opportunities and outcomes for our students, our community and our region.



Honors Program

The Towson University Honors College is committed to the intellectual and character development of highly engaged undergraduate students. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary studyresearch and co-curricular experiences, we seek to cultivate inquisitive minds and foster broad knowledge that strengthens students’ scholarly interests, nurtures their talents, develops their sense of ethical responsibility, and enables them to navigate an increasingly complex globalized world.

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad & Away Office creates high impact educational experiences for all Towson University students to gain global perspectives through experiential learning. Our intentional advising, collaborative campus connections, and strategic program development reduce barriers for underrepresented students and expand academic excellence beyond the boundaries of the TU campus. In support of the TU mission, we offer opportunities that foster intellectual inquiry and critical thinking to empower students on their lifelong path to becoming socially responsible, engaged citizens of the world.


At Towson University, you can choose from 110-plus majors, concentrations and tracks in the liberal arts and sciences, business, education, fine arts and health professions. You’ll build real-world experience through internshipsserviceresearch and study abroad. You can explore new interests and make friends by getting involved in clubs and organizations



Have Questions?  Contact

Dan Zawacki
Associate Director
Phone:  (410) 704-4359


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